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stuff i forgot:

DJ Day - Land of 1000 Chances

Tim Hecker - Virgins

on the low, for the last 3 years, i’ve kept a log of full-length records that i enjoy. It’s easy since there are so few “long-playing” albums that i appreciate (this year, to pad things out a bit, the EPs of alice russell, dj rashad, and open mike eagle are included). Hard would be listing my favorite songs: all the baltimore club, rock, street rap jams, house singles, misc youtube content, dancehall, pop stuff, drone stuff, jazz that i thought were nice.

This list contains stuff that i listened to often, recordings i didn’t delete more than 3 songs from. Some of my favorite songs are on records that were on LPs that I wasn’t compelled to revisit, or the i bumped the half of songs while deleting the rest (melt banana, ducktails, nguzunguzu, iamsu)

Also not included are records that inspired and challenged me greatly, records i appreciated more than i enjoyed, like armand hammer’s ‘RACE MUSIC’, the knife’s ‘SHAKING THE HABITUAL,’ & kanye’s ‘YEEZUS (“i’m in it” is my shit tho!)

Many groovy labels aren’t represented (Thrill Jockey, Fade To Mind, Stones Throw, Tri Angle, Hellfyre Club, Big Dada, Mello Music Group, Mexican Summer) but I like them still.

I included the three rappers who I just might have over-listened to this year. none of kool A.D.’s mixtapes fit my criteria for ‘favorite.’ His moments of brilliance & moments I don’t care for sit so closely together (often within the same song). Still, his voice and style are vivid & important. Kevin Gate’s ‘Luca Brassi’ and ‘Stranger than Fiction’ tapes are filled with topics i find boring in the hands of other rappers. Gates’ eye for candid detail, humor, and stripe of vulnerability make him stand out amongst rappers that self-identify as “gangsta.” Mike Eagle is special to me because I relate to him, maybe more than any other rapper. In the stew that is him you find indie rock and indie film influences, an educated black early 30’s point of view, talk of fatherhood, self-aware writing, and an enviable sense of humor. Like the title of his first LP, he makes unapologetic art rap (which usually means un-danceable, tuneless, badly pretentious - but not in his case).

i’ve always enjoyed discovering new music, reading about music, and sharing the music i care about. check out some of the eleven titles you aren’t familiar with because, like ego trip magazine, i too am an “arrogant voice of musical truth.” *wink*

now i should git busy, working on my own music!

stay inspired

& oh, based off what you see, can you give me some music and/or podcasts recommendations? thanks

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